Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Salary not the best means test


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I SAW THE ARTICLE in last Thursday’s DAILY NATION [Fee Hike Soon] and I am appalled at the response from the chairman of Child Care Board.

I am the person who sent the first email. I am not writing on my own behalf, I am in discussion with parents and guardians daily concerning this matter and therefore this is the reflection and feelings of numerous parents and guardians.

They (the Child Care Board) now took this opportunity to inform the parents of children attending the Government-sponsored day care facilities that a proposed increase in fees is due to take effect from July 1.

Please, please, we are not stupid people. I along with others believe that they were caught by surprise by the response of the parents, and [came up with] a response just to save face, because they know it was distasteful to ask us for such personal information.

My next point is, in what way will this information be helpful to them? Knowing someone’s salary is not a good indication of their ability to afford something. They would have to consider the person’s expenses as well, including the latest increase in taxes and other financial impositions, and they know well that they cannot even attempt to ask for such info.

An increase in fees is expected, as I said before, but to marginalise people because of their occupation and salary?

There might be a few people working for the same salary, but some are better managers of their money. How will an issue like this be dealt with? This is info that they will not have and cannot ask for.

The cost of living is consistently increasing, mostly by way of increased taxes by this administration. A government cannot tax its way out of a recession. Government is trying to catch its tail and does not know what to do next.

One’s disposable income has been eroded by the increased taxes and other financial impositions.

Imagine, a parent now having to pay:

1. Consolidation Tax;

2. Solid Waste Tax;

3. Increased UWI tuition fees; and

4. Increased cost for dumping (this will be passed on to us by the truck owners/drivers at $25 per tonne).

What the Child Care Board needs to do is go back to the drawing board.



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