TALKBACK: Yes to Government day nurseries fee hike


VERY FEW ONLINE READERS took exception to the proposed increase in fees at the Government day nurseries from the current price of $20 weekly.

Many acknowledged that private facilities cost three to four times as much, parents had to provide snacks and they were also charged for late collection.

It was also not “horrendous” to demand wage slips so the sliding payment scale could be implemented, as job letters and slips were required for almost everything now, including hire purchase, credit cards and the like.

There was also a suggestion to limit the nurseries to only low-income households.

Here are some of the views on the topic.

Panwallie: Why challenge an increase when private nursery fees are higher and one has to provide lunch for the kids? Bearing in mind these children receive free meals – since there is no way that $20 per week can provide such – I see nothing wrong with an increase to $50 per week, discounted to $35 for the second and $25 for third child and beyond.

Peggy Stoute Morin: They always seem to find money for the fetes, but will squawk at having to spend more for the care of their children. Twenty dollars a week for child care? Where else in the world are you going to get that? Let’s get real now.

Daneale O’neale: You can’t be serious. A fee increase of between 100 and 400 per cent? What is Bim coming to?

Toni Beckles: It wasn’t horrendous when y’all were paying $20 per week and some of y’all being paid $400-plus per week, but now y’all are asked to submit certain documents it’s horrendous. My now 11-year-old used to go to a nursery when she was two years old and it was $60 per week. I had to provide drink, snack and lunch. The evening that you’re late you have to pay $1 per minute.

MiaColt: I definitely agree with the increase in fees; $20 a week is ridiculous. Last time I checked (couple years ago), day nurseries in Barbados were charging as much as $85 per week.

SonyFair: Sounds fair to me. A lot of people working in industry and other low-paying jobs can’t get their children in the Government day care centres and have to pay the private ones $60 and $80 a week, while the ones who have higher paying jobs and can afford to pay the $60 and $80, are in the Government nurseries. Time enough this is sorted out.

Rochelle Bourne: That is one thing the Government doing that I totally agree with. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the new pay scale and at least it’s being based on individuals’ income.

MariaMaria Angel: Rochelle Bourne, not fair at all! The Government needs to limit access to the day nurseries to lower income households. But don’t ask me to pay three times as much money for my child to receive the same care yours is receiving because your pay is crappier.


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