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AWRIGHT DEN: Mummy had a plan


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WHEN I WAS A CHILD, I loved it when mummy brought home doughnuts, when she bought our Nintendo; when she allowed me to go to cadet camps and when she baked delicacies that I liked. Generally, I liked her a lot when she gave me good stuff and satisfied my wants.

Interestingly enough, I didn’t feel the same way when I was disciplined or received a “cut tail”. I hated when I had to be in the house by 7 p.m. (even up to 16 years old), when she never allowed me to go to the beach or go riding outside the neighbourhood with the guys I grew up with, and when I had to go to church four times a week.

In addition, when I had no choice but to do chores, and even if I went to sleep without doing them, I was woken up at two o’clock in the morning to do them; when I had to go and read a book or research words in the encyclopaedias or change curtains when all my friends were outside playing; when I wasn’t allowed to venture into town at anytime during school days unless for an appointment. For many of these things I didn’t like mummy.

When I became an adult, I looked back at all the things I didn’t like mummy for and began to love and appreciate her for them, as they helped to shape the man I am today. What changed? My perspective, my mindset and my understanding. Basically, I grew up and I matured. In my likes and my dislikes there was one thing that I realised was constant – she was still my mummy and she operated out of love.

Unknown to me, mummy had a plan for my life and could see down the future what she was preparing and shaping me for. As a child I didn’t see it, neither did I know what to look for. My thoughts at that time were that mummy didn’t like me nor wanted me to enjoy my life and have fun. Had she allowed me to do what I wanted to and allowed me to live in ignorance, where would I be today?

My mother, an earthly parent, had a plan for my life and was preparing me for what I would face later in life. She did it out of love and that love was tough many a time. If my earthly mother had a plan and was willing to sacrifice to prepare me the best way she knew how, how much more my Heavenly Father.

God also has a plan for my life and He is daily preparing me for it and, guess what, He also has a plan for your life as well. The correction, struggles, discipline, uncomfortable situations, disappointments, breaking of mindsets and habits destroying some relationships, successes, failures, opportunities, promotions, demotions and advancements are all preparing us for what He has planned.

If we are distracted by what others are doing or think, we will miss it. If we are resistant to change, we will miss it. If we keep the same mindset and bad habits, we will miss it. If we rebel against God, we will miss it. If we think as a child does, we will miss it.

Many laughed at me when I was a child during my preparation because of the rules, boundaries and limitations, but when they look at me now, they aren’t laughing anymore. Some are shocked, others inspired and motivated – they didn’t know I was being prepared for greatness.

When things went my way and when things didn’t, mummy was still mummy. When I was on top and when I struggled, God was still God. Mummy loved me so she prepared me and God loves me more and those He loves, He prepares.

My process of preparation is unique to me as yours is unique to you, so it makes no sense comparing. The process defines the quality of the product, so now you understand why yours is taking time and filled with many tests.


For those who were wondering if there was an article last week, the answer is yes. Please note that once a Friday is a bank holiday, the Weekend Nation is published on Thursday and the usual Thursday paper is published on Friday (the bank holiday). If you want a copy of last week’s article, just email me.


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