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ALTAR CALL: The role of a worship leader


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THERE ARE KEY CHARACTERISTICS of a worship leader which are vital to his or her ministry.

Such an individual must first be born again, be a member of the Body of Christ, have a lifestyle of private and personal worship, be pursuing purity and holiness, and never forget that the object of their worship is God.

The dedicated and true worship leader must also be constantly developing and honing their ministry skills and always remember that “worship leading” is a journey, never a destination.

During an Evening of Melodius Worship hosted by The Salvation Army Speightstown Chorale, there was standing room only as worshippers spontaneously danced, clapped and simply praised God in what was truly a wonderful time of fellowship. Salvation Army corps from across the island gathered at the Speightstown, church where they ministered in various genres of music, much to the delight of those present.

It was against this backdrop that Major Oral and Marcia Morris welcomed the contributions of guest speaker, Minister Ann Renford of Jamaica.

Renford, who held worship workshops during her visit, said the worship leader must live a clean and spotless life of integrity before God, having “put off the old man”, and walked in newness of life.

She also stressed that the worship leader must be committed and held accountable as part of the Body of Christ, not “running from church to church”. This, she added, was for their own safety and covering.

Renford also pointed out the importance of private and personal worship, stressing that “private preparation must precede public performance”.

She added that the pursuit of purity, holiness and living according to God’s Word were also key to a life of consecration which the worship leader ought to live.

Renford charged that the worship leader must always “follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see God”.

“Never forget that the object of your worship is God the Father and Jesus Christ His Son. It is never about us. Our role is to lead the congregation, facilitate their worship of God, point them to God and be careful not to take any of the glory. All of it belongs to Him.”

The Jamaican minister specifically encouraged worship leaders, musicians, team members and the congregation at large to worship God in spirit and in truth, to study to show themselves approved by practising on their instruments, learning new songs, reading ministerial-relating books and teachings on praise and worship, and learning from more developed worship leaders.

The songs ministered by the corps throughout the evening were a combination of traditional hymns, “back in time” gospel ballads and choruses, and contemporary gospel music.

Indeed, it was a spirit-filled evening.

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