DEAR CHRISTINE: Married man won’t let up


I HAVE SEEN many letters in your column about young women who are hooked on married men and want to keep them in their lives. I am quite the opposite. There is a married man who won’t let me be.

I am 24 years old. I have a good job and love this man to some extent. We always enjoy ourselves when we are together but I also have a boyfriend. This married man hates when I go anywhere. In fact, if I am going out he must know. If I do not tell him where I am going he’ll follow me. He does not want me to talk to anyone but him.

This man is considered a well respected man in society – one who has it all.

He says I must never leave him and that one day when his wife dies, I’ll be his wife.

He must realise he is married and that I do not want his ring. I’ve already told him so, but he won’t let up.

– C.P

Dear C.P,

One line of your letter caught my attention. It’s where you wrote “He must realize he is married.”

Didn’t you realise that when you started an affair with him? There and then you should have sent him packing.

Now you’re caught in his web and he is not willing to release you – only because, I believe you’re accepting gifts, cash, some free lunches and dinners – and so on.

You are certainly in a good mess – with a boyfriend and a married man who has the gall to say he’ll marry you when his wife dies. Does he have a date set for her demise?

If this man is so well respected in society, I doubt he would want anyone to know about his “escapades” with you and about the affair. So, just leave him alone. Will he make a scene? I doubt it! After all, his cover will be blown.

Believe me when I say you’re free to leave him . . . and leave him with his cash, too. Stop the talking and start walking. The bully he is pretending to be is just a guise to make you afraid. Start walking and don’t look back.



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