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THE ‘NETTE EFFECT: Things getting really hot


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ARMS WERE FLAPPING back and forth as worshippers tried their best to remain cool and awake during Sunday’s unusually warm day.

It was so sweltering that I almost broke my no-shopping rule just to experience the cooling sensation of the supermarket’s AC on Sunday.

Instead, though, I stuck it out for money’s sake and spent the day shifting from place to place. The night was no better and with hardly any breeze, it was stifling. I waited for that gentle breeze that would sometime float in and cool you for a nanosecond.

I did cheat and spent a few dollars on ice cream. It was delicious.

As I ate the icy delight, I got to thinking about Creation and all the wonderful but puzzling things that we take for granted. We have to admit that we need the heat in order to appreciate the cold and vice versa.

Danny came along and sucked up all the wind and left us, while grateful for being spared a hurricane, grumbling about the heat which was nothing as oppressive as what India experienced a few weeks ago.

As the effects of the heat dug in and I turned to my ice cream for relief, I started to think about all the things that could have gone differently if the world was not created as we know it today.

Imagine if food tasted awful. God could have constructed it that way, you know. I did, as the cold ice cream made contact with my taste buds and the chilling effects shot through my body as it made its way down my throat and through my digestive system.

What if food was so unpleasant but we still needed its life-sustaining content? We would have a lot thinner people for sure and maybe some ailments would not exist. But would we trade taste for that?

The world is filled with lots of things that we accept without a second thought. For instance, could the world not have been in black and white and we would no more the wiser be? Or, did everything have to have a different smell?

When people suggest that the world is a coincidence, I tend not to believe that because there are too many carefully crafted conditions for me to go along with that view.

On the note of the heat, the Acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith appears to be taking some for his assertion that workers at the ports of entries were facilitating the admission of weapons into the country. I believe that from his position anything he says must have some strong evidence behind it.

It is not the first time that some customs workers or other at the ports have been linked to the state of the gun affairs in the island. The feelings, shared by many, are that either the security is lapse or the workers are in cahoots with the smugglers.

A casual survey on the issue from port users on the issue is bound to turn up similar allegations as those made by the police chief. It is something that has been whispered about for a while, of port workers having massive properties and assets that couldn’t possibly come from their annual income, and port users who complained of having to shell out extra money to have their goods cleared.

However, having the commissioner put the spotlight on them is a different state of affairs and I believe that sometimes unions are a bit over-zealous in their bid to represent their members.

The assertion did not come from a people’s opinion. It has the weight of the chair of the commissioner behind it. This is the same force that has arrested and charged a number of its members and customs officers over the years for crimes of a similar nature.

Unions, did you not hear who said it or do you believe that because you have taken on a Government and achieved a hollow victory on the backs of Barbadians, that there is no one you now fear?

Rather than race to a hasty conclusion and leave the rest of Barbados exposed, seek a resolution other than the belligerent approach. If there are bad apples, get rid of them and spare residents. The good have nothing to fear.

Antoinette Connell is a News Editor.


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