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Abrahams: Too many personal assistants doing MPs’ work


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OPPOSITION SENATOR Wilfred Abrahams is taking to task parliamentarians who delegate their duties to others.

Speaking yesterday during a break from a mass canvass of Christ Church East, Abrahams said it was an example of “laziness and indifference [that] constituted a breach of contract with the voter”.

“Too many parliamentary representatives, ministers in particular, are hiding behind the fact that there’s a personal assistant who can get the job done. Voters did not vote for that; they want and deserve to see and interact with the person for whom they voted,” he said.

The constituency is represented by Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr Denis Lowe, whom Abrahams accused of being guilty of this practice. He said he had noticed that much of the work in the area appeared to have been done by the minister’s personal assistant.

“It is disheartening to hear the cries of persons, many of whom have not seen or heard their parliamentary representative since the last general elections, and in many instances [even] before the last election and for whom, sending in a personal assistant appears to be the mode of representation.

“People are tired of all the excuses ministers are giving for not attending to constituency matters and concerns. Quite frankly, if you do not like people or do not like interacting with them, you should not offer yourself as a representative. Voters deserve more than to see or hear an article in the Press. Whatever became of touching the flesh? A personal assistant is there to assist [the representative], not fill-in for or replace [him]!” he said.

One of the other major issues Abrahams noted was the state of roads in the area, especially in Thyme Bottom. He said there were far too many homes without access to a proper road and this proved problematic when it rained. (CA)


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