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PUDDING & SOUSE: Baby No. 9 for Dr Stork


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SOME ARGUED it was baby No. 10; others were adamant it was baby No. 9. One woman in the know settled the argument by stating it’s definitely No. 9.

This time, the Harrisonian’s wife was nowhere to be seen and the outside woman quietly delivered her first and his umpteenth child with a refreshing view of the bay.

The medicine man, who likes to inject women, did his lab work and knew beforehand the gender and the time, and even carefully chose the place so that his estranged wife would not again be placed in the uncomfortable position in which she was placed two weeks ago.

That’s when P&S broke the news to readers about the false alarm when a woman with a similar name was admitted ripe for delivery. And poor wifey was left in a tizzy, running hither, thither and yon.

Some say that he is already scouting among the newer employees to see who will become the bearer of child No. 10.

Stay tuned.

Sexy time-bomb

AFTER INFECTING many men and run-boarding a City district known to have “tons” of avenues, and scores of “bad boys” like a Category 5 hurricane, one woman is now changing her ways.

After a positive test with the first child, she went for the second, and with a different man.

She confided that nurses quarrelled their heads off with her, but she was resolute. Sex was the order of the day. But after being found out by all and sundry, she has now withdrawn to the confines of her home. She is hardly seen on the streets. Many who know of her “secret” are now quivering in their boots, some too scared to get tested.

This could be a big one for authorities when the district’s bad boys start falling like flies.

Open season

A WOMAN with a disability, who for years eased a man into a Government home, and engaged in a carnal romp, is now having the time of her life.

The woman, who was constantly being put under pressure by the authorities not to bring anyone into the home or she would be evicted, has now been given a unit of her own and is “doing the dog”.

Friends tell P&S that with this spanking new dwelling, she has made it a point to call and let authorities know that no one can stop her escapades now, and in the privacy of her home – for those interested, it is now “seek and ye shall find”.

Hardly a pause

IS IT TRUE that a certain woman is carrying a bun in the oven months after a tragic incident involving her young child?

Word around town is that the petite, soft-spoken woman is pregnant for her boyfriend, who can never get a reward for being Dad of the Year.

People are shocked to learn that this damsel has gotten herself pregnant, especially since she and her boyfriend’s future as mates is hanging in the balance.

Some have said that if she is indeed carrying a child it should be taken away from her as soon as she gives birth.

Trail of debt

REGULAR CUSTOMERS to a one-time popular shop are up in arms over when the owner will resurface.

They say things have not been the same since the king died and things have gotten brown – so brown since the downturn in business and the racking up of debt that the fair-skinned woman has fled, leaving a trail of debt behind her.

So deep is the debt that bailiffs are in hot pursuit of this woman who had a global view in a unionised district. Customers are of the opinion that the non-national has returned home to start a brew to keep bailiffs at bay when she returns.


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