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PUDDING AND SOUSE: Predator on way out


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We brought you details last week of a grey-haired businessman who preys on his young staff, but the calls were numerous from others concerning this wicked man who is wrapped in off-white paper and is also radioactive.

Some female workers said that during the interview process, they were asked if they were involved in a relationship, and if they answered yes, they were told that that would not be necessary since he would take care of them.

Some say they were given cellphones and company cars and were told that they were senior to the senior staff there after their first day on the job.

One brown-skinned woman, who was seen naked on different occasions strutting her stuff in front of him, was heard saying that at one time he was the best thing that ever happened to her. That has now changed. Even her very apartment she has fled after being used and abused.

His own children he has thrown by the wayside while he embraced women that he knew nothing about, especially one who felt that she was Clarke Kent’s double and had a lot to advertise. This one has had everything horrible done to her, both spiritually and physically.

One woman in the know said that he took five of them overseas and booked them all in one room. Then sex, lies and videotapes followed for the weekend orgy in the United States.

They say he is going down and fast and it’s just a matter of time now before this talkative Satanic man is made to pay for his sinful deeds.

Apple doesn’t fall . . .

A streetwalker’s daughter is again the centre of mayhem in a unionised district.

The Mother Sallyish teenager is living the life of a full-fledged woman. The teen, who was recently beaten by one of her many men and subsequently taken to the doctor by her mother after complaining of discomfort below the belt, was diagnosed as carrying a child.

But her mother says that her daughter is not sexually active and that people are always picking on her.

Mother dearest then got a further shock when she was told that she was not only pregnant, but also carrying a bad infection. Both matters were paid for and addressed.

Now shocker of shockers, young Mother Sally dared to venture to the beach with an outside man but was accosted by the inside man and rocks and bottles started flying. Well, one man was knocked out cold and another almost knocked out as war raged.

The inside man, who almost had his stomach sliced open, is now bedridden and under medical care.

Eyewitnesses say that it’s just a matter of time before this girl is brought to her knees as a result of the wild life she is living with the full knowledge of her streetwalking mother.

Back door days done

A man who has the height and build of a law enforcer but who prefers to have his baton used on him says that he is finished with that lifestyle and that he is closing his back door.

He says that he has seen the light and is no longer interested in letting every Sam Coochie and the duppy play mas with him.

The usually well oiled calves and muscular back of the sumo wrestler lookalike will no longer be seen in a side street by a school known for its high status in the society. He believes the folly of his ways is too evident now after years of being pinned down by countless men.

He argues that he has come to grips with his sexuality and the younger generation of night nurses are reducing his income and are looking more and more effeminate. Some, who know better, say that they will be looking for him back in his usual spot in the alley.


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