Collision at Hothersal Turning


ONE DRIVER FLED THE SCENE after being involved in a three-car collision near the roundabout at Hothersal Turning, St Michael late last night.

A white Honda was left lying in the ditch, while a dark green Nissan Sentra was in the middle of the ABC Highway preceding the Clyde Walcott Roundabout.

According to the drivers – who declined to give their names – and eyewitnesses at the scene, a vehicle struck the Sentra from behind, causing it to spin and ricochet off the jersey bars.


This led to the collision with the Honda which ended up in the ditch.

The incident occurred just before midnight, but several curious onlookers stopped to take in the scene. (SOM)

Editor’s Note: This story was edited to correct the make and colour of the Nissan Sentra. 


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