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IT MATTERS TO MARIA: Jordan: It’s disrespect


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BUSINESSMAN Joseph Jordan says he is being disrespected by owners of condominiums at Sunset Crest, St James.

But some of the owners, who are mostly expatriates, have rejected the claim and accused Jordan of harassing them to the extent that they no longer feel safe or secure in their homes.

Armed with a plastic bag full of title deeds, Jordan, who operates a real estate business at Sunset Crest, said he had repeatedly told owners of the condominiums that he owned the land and they could not do anything with it without his permission.

He said that last week he was arrested by police and accused of destroying pipes that were being installed by a condominium owner.

“They kept me for three hours and said that I was accused of destroying pipes and this was a criminal offence,” he said. “They released me without charging me and came to my home with a search warrant looking for a hacksaw and a blade. They didn’t find anything so they left.”

Jordan, who said he bought out Golden Anchorage Limited, the company which owned the Sunset Crest condominiums, charged that he was not being respected by the condominium owners because “I am black and my hair plait”.

“All the land is owned by Golden Anchorage Limited and I own the company Golden Anchorage Limited. This is the affidavit showing what I bought,” he said, waving a document.

“A foreigner couldn’t buy the company back then,” he said. “I have it all; the whole hog, stock and barrel and now they want to jump over me as if they playing draughts.”

Americans Hans and Virginia Smit and Jackie Newton of Britain said Jordan was making their life in the condominiums uncomfortable.

The expatriates live on a block referred to as Proprietary Unit Plan 34 (PUP34) and consisting of 12 condominiums, six of which are owned  by Jordan.

Virginia, the former president of PUP34, said owners took a vote last year to have individual meters installed on their properties because Jordan had not paid his water bill for over five years and the other condo owners were footing his bill.

“He is not able to vote in our meetings because he is not currently financial,” she said. “He is invited to all the meetings and he also gets all the minutes. The water bill was high so at the AGM meeting we decided to go on separate meters.”

Newton said it was while workmen were installing their meters last week that Jordan turned up and told them he owned the land.

She said sometime later all of their pipes were destroyed and they made a report to the police and she also had an attorney involved in the matter.

Newton called on the Minister of Tourism to visit the area to see first-hand what they were going through.

“I am absolutely delighted with my property,” she said. “I am delighted that Iam in walking distance to the beach, Ilove Barbados and we chose to invest in Barbados but this is slightly frustrating. We and the other people around here are of two minds now – whether to stay here or not. We feel intimidated by this man; he turns up unexpectedly and wanders around.

“We come here to de-stress, not to have a culmination of stress as the time goes on and to be concerned if he is outside, is he pulling up the plants, what’s going on? I’m waking up thinking about it, going to bed thinking about it. This is not what I came to Barbados for.”

Describing how the condominium was governed, Hans Smit explained: “The land belongs to the condominium. It is called the common property which we refer to as being condominium land. If it was supposed to break up each of the 12 condominiums would be entitled to 1/12 of the land.”

Jordan was making grandiose claims that he owned several properties in Sunset Crest, Hans Smit said.

His wife, Virginia, added that PUP34 had also applied for a lien on Jordan’s properties.

While the Smits usually come for three months a year, Virginia said that from next year she would likely be coming alone since her husband had had enough.

“Mr Jordan has always affected our trip and this is going back many years,” she said. “He has always done something to spoil our trip. My husband doesn’t want to come anymore because of this situation. It’s really affected him. I’ve gotten to the point where Ijust say the serenity pray over and over again.”



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