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PUDDING AND SOUSE: A dose of his own medicine


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We promised you a part two to this unfolding story last week, so here goes.

Hot on the heels of pelting hand, a self-confessed macho man of no fixed place of abode, and resembling Wee Willie Winkie, got the beating of his life when he tried one time too many to beat his ex.

The part-time employee and scribe, who owes the court about $30 000 for several children, yet drives around a high-end car, got a heavy dose of his own medicine recently.

Reliable sources say that when he arrived at the house of his now ex, he assumed the usual position – fists clenched and eyes focused on the underbelly – but little did he know that the woman had called in a strapping male relative, from an area known for growing “bad boys” and contraband, and he was lying in wait for him.

As soon as Mr High-End Car opened his mouth to pick a fight, it was licks like “go back he hey” till the part-time scribe scrambled off the floor and out the door from whence he came.

Things are so bad for this scribe that he submitted one piece of work twice to an insurance company in an attempt to get double pay for the same article. Stay tuned, we’ll bring you more soon.

Cut down to size

Van Diesel has struck again.

This time he has taken temporary leave of his job, and some say his senses, after complaining that his downsized ride is causing him back problems.

From St George to The Pine, workers say that quick action by management to stem the tide of his diesel syphoning and the issuing of a small ride to him so that he no longer has access to the large truck used in his illegal journeys, is the cause of his discomfort.

The constant jerking of the large truck filled with his load seemingly posed no threat to his back, but a small ride, they say, is causing him severe discomfort.

Disgruntled PSV operators have allegedly pulled the plug on him since his big-up connections are doing everything to protect him. Some say that had this action not been taken, instead of the recent reduction in the price of diesel, there might have been a shortage of it in Barbados.

Comfort for a fool

A woman from a unionised district who owed another $50 for over two years now, may finally get her debt paid off. But there is only one problem.

The good Samaritan is always broke. The former aspiring politico, who should really be a member of the fraud squad, has assured the streetwalker that she will have the money paid off in no time. Some residents say she probably means no time soon, since she is up to her neck in debt.

The streetwalker, who for the last three months has been seen wearing the same jeans skirt and one-time white blouse, is a sight to behold and the politico, whose fate was sealed on the platform some years ago, has never recovered from the nonsense she talked.

Friends say the $50 is as good as dead.

Swindled at checkout point

Check your bills after buying from this supermarket.

That’s the cry of customers of a well patronised supermarket who say it makes big bucks as a result of items being cashed in two and three times even though they only have one item.

P&S has been told that several customers are making a beeline to management to complain and are being told to go to the cashier and get a refund. Some are so sure that this act is deliberate that they plan to switch allegiance and head up to Warrens instead.

One customer said that even though she carried her bill back to the cashier and showed her that she only had one item yet she cashed in four, that the cashier still rang in two, and she had to make another journey back to the scene of the crime.


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