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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Cloud over parade


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ONE TEAM SCORED a clean sweep recently when it bombarded the nets of its opponents, causing them to withdraw from the game. But neither the victory nor the expected turn of events has gone down well with all the supporters of the game, with some saying they’re no longer fans of the winning team.

So two of the most strident voices who once supported Major Shortie and where indeed part of his team are now bitterly opposed to what they say are some bad tactics whether in full back or on full centre. One Jack of Spade and a Georgie Porgie are all shouting foul play and promise to let even those they once opposed, such as the fellow who can be found any weekday near Queen’s Park, know about their disenchantment.

Major Shortie has surrounded himself with a loyal team of men whose main tasks will be to get into the goal area ripping apart any defence in their way.

The first objection to the composition of the team should soon be coming, with an argument that under the rules those players who have matters in dispute relating to the same game should not be on the field of play.

The second is that modern times suggest that new rules be in place so that one group of people like the old brigade could not be dominating the game for years upon years.

The public should expect the action to start on a new field soon.

Real party-pooper

THE FULL POSSE was out on Tuesday night celebrating: the marshal was back in town and there was reason to rejoice.

There was a good time for all who were at this do in the heart of the land.

A neighbour who was not invited could be heard saying that all she could pray for now was that peace continues in this little paradise. She was then overheard reading a passage from the New Testament, Luke 15: 11 to 32, stating at the end that the circumstances for the celebrations that night were not the same but clearly the merrymakers were treating it as such.

She wondered what would happen to all the things which were seized from the marshal before he went to the big house where food and drink is available free of cost.

Man with Midas touch

MONEY MANAGEMENT at its best. That’s how people are describing a man whose lifestyle clearly exhibits success in every way: a house worth seven figures, luxury vehicles worth well into six figures, and the ability to pay tuition fees in a foreign land. Based on his monthly salary, many are saying that he has a penchant for top-quality financial skills.

He clearly knows how to manage money and is someone whose skills the silent one should utilise to help balance the books. He should show and tell the people across the land exactly how he does it and how it can be done for each and everyone.


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