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PUDDING & SOUSE: Chief a slave-driver


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A SECURITY BOSS, who at least four times in the past month insulted his workers, is being described by all and sundry as one of the worst anyone can encounter.

P&S’ phone lines were jammed with complaints about the level of unprofessional conduct of this bigot.

The man, who promotes security guards and gives them $12 more per week, swore to friends that his children have to be millionaires by the time he is finished with the business of security.And, said his close friend, this will be at the expense of his workers.

When supervisory positions are offered to guards, this is done verbally, not a shread of paper is passed or signed. And, when he gets angry, he takes back the $12 and badge and tells them they have no leg to stand on, since there is no written contract.

This bigot even told workers that they don’t know how to handle money and that’s why all he will give them is lots more work, a little more pay and a verbal contract on a one-on-one basis.

We’ll bring you more on this one soon.

’Nuff clothes, indeed

FROM ALL OVER the globe the calls are coming, and at P&S we are here to please.

And, we are not afraid, in the interest of fairness, to bring clarifications to stories for our readers when the need arises.

Last week, we told you about a one-time aspiring politico and a streetwalker whom we said had only one jeans skirt and an offwhite blouse. Well, all hell broke loose when that was published, and we need to clarify it.

The streetwalker threw open her doors and had open house to prove, as she said, that she has ’nuff clothes. Well, she actually has one jeans skirt, but two blouses.

And the broke good Samaritan, who talks a lot, has assured her that she still plans to pay off the $50 two-year-old debt for her, she just needs more time to raise the money.

She has even threatened to sue the mob-a-ton of people that she believes gives us these juicy tips, probably to get the same $50 to pay off the debt. She deserves a pat on the back for that.

Peeping and pimping

A FORMER POLICEMAN, who is now a full-time pimp, and lives deep in the woods in the north, is wreaking havoc in his upscale neighbourhood.

The pensioner, who is always peeping and busy in everybody’s business, appears also to be perverted. Both women and men are trying to keep their business away from this man who never seems to sleep.

No female is safe from his pounce. He positions himself in his patio every evening to await the arrival of the females and, in the event that their man brought home anyone during the day, the one-time man with the red stripe is only too willing to inform them.

This, with the hope, of course, that they would be kind enough to give him something for something.

Residents say that since walls have ears they are trying their utmost to keep out of his way. Some who are paying top dollar for their mortgages say they might well have stayed in the depressed areas from whence they came.

Son out for the count

HE HAS BEEN A CHAMPION for a while. But his offspring proved otherwise in a central parish the other night.

It was licks galore and no one knew how it started or who was fighting, but when the dust settled he was out cold on the dance floor. And his relative was standing over him breathing heavily, beckoning him to get up if he’s a man.

Well, draw you own conclusions, ’cause he did not move a muscle to get up.

Up to now no one can understand how a champion could lose his belt so easily, and at a dance of all places.

A small crowd huddled together after the blows were done and someone was heard saying that the champ did not even have on a boxer.


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