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PUDDING & SOUSE: Pastor a prey warrior


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A PASTOR who likes to prey on his congregation, has dipped has hands into the pockets of a pensioner and pulled out thousands of dollars and won’t return it.

And granny wants it back. Every cent of it.

The slick man, who has faith, said he was having some financial difficulty and wanted to borrow $3 000 from her, and, being a good Christian, she lent him. But it appears as though this mountain of a man is resolute in his dishonest ways and won’t be moved.

Word is that gran is on her knees often beseeching the Father to intervene in this unholy act and to soften the heart of this wicked man and influence him to indeed surrender her money back to her. But after her praying, those in the know came to her and told her that she is not the only victim of his thieving ways, that he has also hit another congregant for thousands under the same guise. Further checks may prove that he has hit many more, insiders say.

Gran, who now only has her pension cheques to live by, is not giving up the ghost, though, at least not before she gets what is rightfully hers. She intends to carry the mountain to Mohammed and the police and have them lay hands on him.

Surplus of spite

SPITE – that’s what one woman called it after she was declined a loan of $10 000 from a lending institution.

The institution, which has a history of being slow to approve and quick to deny, was true to form in this instance also.

The loan, which was initially approved by another manager with more seniority than the acting branch manager, was subsequently declined by Ms Know-It-All, the acting branch manager.

With all particulars being the same, the applicant then moved hell and earth to have the matter addressed, since she had it on good authority that the manager had it in for her.

Off went a call to the head honcho, who acted swiftly and investigated the matter. In 24 hours the loan was approved and Miss Know-It-All was moved into a small room in which she now manages desks, tables and two chairs.

The applicant said, however, that she has been told that this woman’s level of spite towards customers has been going on for quite some time.

Dread in kitchen

STAFF AT A catering company say they may soon turn off all stoves if their grievances are not addressed.

They say a man with dreadlocks is wreaking havoc in the company and it appears that not even the boss can hold him down.

The dread goes as far as disrespecting the owner’s wife and has been overheard saying that he will see to it that she goes before him. He has worked at one of the most luxurious hotels in the island and, based on his attitude, it’s no surprise that he is no longer there.

Staff are at a boiling point and it’s just a matter of time before they stage a walkout over at least two miles to see to it that their woes are addressed.

This is just the smoke, some say, the fire is yet to come.

A doctor of her own 

IN ONLY TWO YEARS her marriage has gone helter-skelter and there is a woman in her life.

This nurse, however, is at her happiest now since her female doctor lover appears all that she could ever want. Insiders say that the doctor was always her heart-throb and now that she rests comfortably in her arms and out of her husband’s, she feels as though she is in heaven.

Many on the inside long had suspicions, but things have now come to the fore. This one is going to get ugly, so stay tuned.


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