Sir Henry: Ways to save on Govt renting


GOVERNMENT is being advised to prioritise its spending.

The advice is coming from Independent Senator Sir Henry Fraser, who is suggesting that the $65 million spent annually by the administration on renting office space around Bridgetown and the environs could be used to restore derelict buildings.

He argued during yesterday’s Senate sitting that this would save an enormous amount of money in rent and help revitalise The City.

“The $65 million that we spend in annual rent by the Government of Barbados would restore all of the dirty, derelict buildings in Bridgetown and have some money left over.

“We would revitalise Bridgetown, bring new life into Bridgetown, make the historic UNESCO world brand of Bridgetown and its Garrison worthwhile, and avoid the risk of losing that branding.”

Sir Henry, chairman of the Preservation Task Force and Preservation Trust, also gave an update on plans to restore the old Carnegie Library on Coleridge Street, Bridgetown, saying they were not yet close to the estimated $4 million required. (WILLCOMM)


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