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Scalpers upset Puff of Colour fans


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REVELLERS ARE HUFFING and puffing that the sold out event Puff of Colour (POC) has attracted scalpers reselling tickets for exorbitant prices.

And Chelsea Boyzz, the group behind the seven-year-old event, said their hands are tied.

Speaking to NATION ONLINE today, one of the organisers said it was brought to their attention that tickets were being resold for almost triple the price.

“Tickets went on sale on Saturday, April 30 and were sold out by Thursday. This is the first time that has happened. Last year they sold out two weeks before the event.

“What is happening now, happened last year but it wasn’t so over the top.”

He said that he realised that scalpers were also offering VIP service.

“POC doesn’t do VIP. When we came up with the concept as a J’ouvert alternative we wanted a theme were people would party with each other irrespective of colour or race. So there never will be a VIP at POC.”

The organiser said ticket sales went online for the first time this year with Ticket Nation and that proved a decisive factor.

“Last year we had a reservation setup where you would pay after. Our overseas patrons complained that they were at a disadvantage. So this year with Ticket Nation coming onboard as an online element it allowed tickets to be easily accessible.”

He stated that ten to 15 per cent of their patrons came from overseas.

The organiser said they won’t be printing anymore tickets.

“I want to apologise to our regular patrons who didn’t get tickets.  We are looking at 2017 to see how we can curb this behaviour. What we realise is that individuals bought like ten and 15 tickets each. We cannot say they didn’t buy them legitimately for themselves and their friends. 

“This issue has left a bad taste in our mouths. We have capped the limit at the amount of tickets we put up for sale. We don’t want to overcrowd the venue. We still want patrons to party with a degree of comfort.”

Unofficial reports are that the tickets sold run in the thousands. (NS)


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