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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Vulture circles as sick man recovers


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A man has been told to stay in bed and take some rest. And while he’s focusing on his recovery, another man is looking to see if he can get the sick man’s job.

A man doing a research project at the Barbados Community College said he put down some listening devices and picked up some strange messages recently.

It is evident that a man who has garnered a reception as a persistent loser was heard saying he wants to try his hand, at least one more time.

In fact, he feels it is better in Bim than in any Spice Isle so he has declared his hand. If things come to the stage where the Afrocentric philosopher has to stand quiet and retire one more time, then this man stands ready.

He proudly says his roots are strong  with names such as Tom Cat and the famous Clickman all being part of the lineage. To the queen of the hive, he gives loyal support.


News of a secret poll

we’ve heard there was a secret poll that the apostle did, but it had a bad toll.

But you don’t want to hear that news, do you?

It goes like this:

Smoke in the hive, as the short man rises

The baffled queen planning a snapback

And could be heard loudly singing: I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash.


Vehicle off limits

I want those keys.

Those were the demanding words of another short man who wanted to sit at the wheels of a power machine that not even a sheriff could easily control.

This short man, who rules the southern land, seemed to think that he was dealing with minions who sometimes can be found in Haggatt Hall or Briar Hall and who jump at his slightest command.

The man with the keys simply brushed aside the request, noting that this was no big-up jeep.

Fortunately, the short man is someone who readily laughs at life and realises that his desire was going nowhere.


Bad teacher?

There was bacchanal near the roundabout in the Pine recently.

A strong-headed young lady, connected to Miss Most Wigs, is finding it difficult to get along with some younger ladies.

Apparently, the younger group don’t like the methods of instructions being imparted. The question is being asked if this lady has the skills and training to undertake the assigned tasks.

Well, the students are finding a number of weaknesses and want the head honcho from the place near Queen’s Park to initiate an investigation.


Silent man will have his say

The silence will soon be broken. 

The left-hander, whose lexicon is wide and varied, will be speaking on issues near and dear, wide and far.

Already, some people are doing careful research, all in an effort to trip him up; others are uncertain what to do and whether to sow; yet others are confused by the gesture of outreach.

This grand event had been planned earlier but was pushed back following the exclamation by the woman in white that many a man, and indeed woman, had no faith in this silent man’s pursuit of his endeavours.

But since that has all gone with the wind, the ever smiling man from the east will set out to show he is neither an empty vessel nor someone who can be easily walked upon and over.


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