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DEAR CHRISTINE: He left me, now I’m falling apart


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DEAR CHRISTINE, I have a problem that I’d like to share with you. You see, my boyfriend walked out on me over a year ago and I miss him like crazy. His leaving was a shock because he treated me like a princess.

I never lacked for anything and we never squabbled. He was my knight in shining armour until one day he suddenly said it was all over.

Christine, I cried like a baby and I still hurt.

Now about a week ago I saw him with his new girlfriend. She was at least eight months pregnant. He was like a proud, expectant father. I almost went mad when I saw them in town.

Christine, for almost four of the five years we were together, he would run every time I mentioned the world “child” to him. He was never ready. He could not handle children; they were too much trouble. Now he is going to be a father to a woman who has three other children for another man.

Christine, I am so distressed that I thought to go and see a doctor, but I also feel embarrassed to talk about what is really troubling me. If this continues, I feel I might do something drastic to end the pain.

Please Christine, help me.

– G.M.

Dear G.M.,

Please take my advice and see a doctor. Do not feel embarrassed to tell him or her how you feel – depressed, sad and so on – and most of all tell him or her why you are feeling that way. They are trained to help people over those hurdles.

It is natural to feel the way you do, but to allow these feelings to take over your whole life for an indefinite time can do more harm than good. Grief needs some time – but one has got to work towards the end. The end will come.

See your doctor and get involved in interesting happenings and with friendly people – not those who will keep reminding you of him.

Once you’ve got things off your chest with your doctor, don’t talk to anyone else about him.



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