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MAVIS BECKLES: It is all about selfishness


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I AIN’T KNOW boy but duh got some weird things happening nowadays all ovah the place. I does find myself shaking my head a lot because I cahn seem tuh wrap my head ‘round some o’ the craziness.

Evah single time ya listen tuh the news, ya hearing bout people fighting. Evahtime ya open the newspaper, people killing one another. Evahtime ya sit down tuh relax and watch a li’l TV, all sort o’ people coming together and finding causes tuh mash up duh selves, other innocent people and God’s beautiful earth. Wha’ I cahn understand!

Evahbody joining some kinda organisation, some group o people, a cult, a gang and it ain’t fuh nuh sorta worthy cause at all, nutten dat make sense. It look like all it is for is tuh confuse, hurt, mash up , tear down and destroy. And who duh doing it tuh? Most o’ the time it is tuh poor innocent people who aint got one thing tuh do wid dem causes, who ain’t know nutten whatsoevah bout dem causes and most o’ the time, couldn’t care less bout dem causes but duh getting hurt and suffering because of a lot o’ selfish people. Dat is why when it get too much fuh the old people duh used tuh holler out, “Lord come fuh ya world” and things wasn’t nearly as bad as now.

But honestly though, when or if ya give ya’self a chance tuh sit down and look at all the lot o’ fighting and foolishness, ya would see dat dat is all it is; bare selfish foolishness dat some people fighting fuh. Duh nevah make nor cahn make people but duh trying tuh control people. Look at the people from Boko Haram, ISIS, the drug gangs, the prejudiced racial groups, some Muslims and a whole lot o’ other groups dat rise up and declare war ’pon people weaker than dem.

Only last night I sit down tuh watch and enjoy a li’l bit o’ the Olympics before going tuh bed and the first thing I see pon the NBC news was the fighting, the rubble, the destruction, the children holding one another and running through the buildings dat get blow up. I sit down there and watch big men and women bawling and digging through the rubble fuh duh families dat duh cahn find or holding the dead ones and hollering.

I think it is somewhere in India, and what duh say duh fighting for again? Up tuh now I cahn tell ya. All I could remember the announcer saying is dat duh fighting tuh kill out one another and nuhbody ain’t giving in nor giving up……..and poor honest people who ain’t do nuhbody nutten, suffering.

Look at bout here, thank God we ain’t got these sorts o’ situations but look at wha’ happening. People got duh pleasure cruise business set up and fuh all the years dat is what it was, a pleasure cruise. But all of a sudden some other people decide dat dem should turn it in tuh a war zone every time. You cahn decide dat you gine take a li’l time tuh go out pon one o’ dem night time cruises and sit back, relax, listen tuh the music and leh the breeze blow though ya hair. It look like the only thing dat ya might find blowing through ya hair might be a stray bullet. Now the owners talking bout scaling down pon some o’ dem cruises and obviously losing money just because of a lot o’ igrant li’l boys who ain’t got nuh kinda regard fuh duhself, nuhbody or nothing. So he gotta lose money as a result.

Well I gine tell ya, people in this world have become so very selfish and hateful towards one another it is crazy. But what duh fighting for? At the end o’ day, nutten ain’t belong tuh dem, duh ain’t achieve nutten, all o’ dem just dying and gine ‘long just so, leaving the causes and the rest o’ the world continuing tuh move on like nutten ain’t happen: so I doan understand wha’ all these causes are for and about.


• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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