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TALKBACK: Online readers’ say on Sinckler’s view about some bosses


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COMMENTS FROM Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler that many highly paid managers at statutory corporations are doing a terrible job brought a swift response from online readers over the weekend.

Wrapping up debate in the House of Assembly on the 2016 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals, Sinckler said some of his biggest headaches came from the long list of statutory corporations that were not managed properly. 

While many readers agreed with  him, others pointed out that it was Government’s responsibility to deal with such problems. Others felt the Democratic Labour Party administration was also guilty of poor management practices.

Sodi: Chris is 100 per cent correct. Due to systemic and cultural reasons, many of these statutory corporations are poorly managed. It is for those same reasons why any attempt to change the status quo will be difficult. While I have zero problems with highly paid executives, they need to do their job. Many low-information people are always freaking out whenever there is mention of MPs’ salaries. Yet these same people obviously have no clue just how lucrative the salaries are for taxpayer-funded management teams at statutory corporations. Talk about being uninformed! Keep calling them out Chris.

CutOutDat: This is the first time I have found myself in agreement with the minister. Too many people are overpaid in top positions, starting with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance.

Lloyd P Gulston: Who are responsible for selecting the corporate managers? Let the chips lie where they truly belong.

John Everatt: I’m confused. Who is responsible for hiring these managers? I guess that I thought there was a system in place whereby the Prime Minister is responsible for the ministers, the ministers are responsible for their ministries, their ministries are responsible for their statutory corporations and so on. But now it is unclear to me just where the buck stops.

Erica Murray: And sir, is this something new to you or you’ve been napping? These managers are not leaders, otherwise they wouldn’t be lying dormant while the workers goof off.

Anderson Boyce: Amazing how Bajans think the same about you and your government.

MiaColt: Agreed . . . . Maybe it’s time to call out these companies and their bad practices. But then again the private sector big wigs will turn it around and somehow blame the Government.

Rosanna Lewis: As servant of the people you are getting paid too much money as well.

Dennis Connell: Well, some people are highly paid to run the affairs of this country and are doing a very poor job.

Santini More: Many of these execs heading up statutory corporations are political appointees.

Sherry-Ann Williams: Well, well, well. Who put the majority of these managers in these positions? Who sticking out for many degrees over experience and job knowledge? Nothing against those qualified, but experience is also important.

Lawrence Griffith: That’s correct, but he’s forgetting to mention politicians as well.  The politicians are the ones who set the rules and regulations so what are you going to do about it?


Natasha Beckles is the NATION’S Online Coordinator.


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