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ALTAR CALL: Seven keys to spiritual race


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THERE ARE SEVEN KEYS to a successful academic and spiritual race. 

According to Dr Fazadudin Hosein, dean and professor at the School of Theology and Religion at the University of the Southern Caribbean, they are: proceed (get going), pursue (keep moving), prepare (get ready), purpose (get energised), produce (get fruitful), persist (never quit) and perceive (get focused).

He shared the advice during a sermon at the Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Church in Forde’s Road, St Michael, where the pastor is David Walkes.

Citing 1 Corinthians 9:24, Hosein told students of the university and those present that to enter an academic or Christian race, one must first get going and keep moving.

“You need to get moving and run in such a way as to get the prize. The race is not over until you have crossed the finish line. You must pursue excellence, be willing to change your attitude about school, and be willing to keep keeping on,” he said.

Hosein also stressed the importance of being prepared at all times, and putting in tremendous effort and self-control.

“In the Christian race you have to practise self-control, temperance and discipline. If you want to win, you must prepare and be prepared to defend your cause, leaving behind every weight.”

 He also urged his listeners to have a sense of purpose and to get energised by setting goals.

“Do not run aimlessly; set goals. You must run with a sense of purpose. If you are running this Christian race knowing your purpose will create an energy in your life. Run to win,” he said

He next urged the congregation to see what they could do better and be persistent to the end.

“Never quit. Discipline your body and bring it into submission. Without discipline you are sure to fail. An athlete’s strength comes from his discipline,” he said.

if they wanted to succeed academically and in their Christian life, they must discipline their minds, train themselves to think positively and be disciplined in their moral character. 

“To receive a crown, you must know where you are going. You goal is Heaven. To win the race requires us to focus and set our goals not on the crowns of this world, but on an imperishable crown.”


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