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Comissiong on Fidel Castro


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The following statement was issued by David Comissiong, president of the Clement Payne Movement, on the death of Fidel Castro.

THEY SAY THAT Fidel Castro died last night. But Fidel Castro cannot really die!

No man whose actions, spirit, intellect and personality have so positively and profoundly impacted so many millions of lives can die!

The essence and influence of such a man is destined to resonate in the lives of countless generations to come, and to secure for him a status of immortality. And so it is with Comandante Fidel Castro Rus.

Perhaps what we can usefully say is that Fidel Castro has completed his work in this material realm, and like a good and dutiful revolutionary soldier has been honourably discharged.

It is now left up to those of us who remain committed to the revolutionary struggle for the triumph of humanity over inhumanity, the victory of good over evil, to ensure that the living presence of Fidel Castro resonates with ever increasing brightness and power in all of our actions and affairs.

More than  half a century ago Fidel proved to the world that once a cause is rooted in truth and righteousness, and is pursued with courage and passion, it is guaranteed victory — no matter how powerful the forces arrayed against it!

And so, we have no doubt that Fidel took his leave from our earthly realm with a spirit of calm and assurance in his heart, confident that the millions of “children of the Revolution”– in Cuba and in every other corner of the earth– are more than equal to the task of inflicting a crushing defeat on the evil forces of Fascism and racism that, even now, are reconstituting themselves in our world.

On behalf of the officers and members of the Clement Payne Movement, on behalf of the Caribbean Chapter of the International Network In Defense of Humanity, on behalf of the Caribbean Pan-African Network (CPAN), and on behalf of all the progressive forces of the Caribbean island of Barbados, I say “thank you Fidel” for your life of struggle, illumination and inspiration!

With innumerable words of praise and thanks in our hearts and on our lips we raise your name up to the heavens as you make your way up the universal ladder of creation.



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