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FLYING FISH & COU COU: ‘D’ heat’s too hot


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A POLITICAL OPERATIVE recently found out what “taking a six for a nine” really means.

From what Cou Cou was told, the operative was assigned to make the rounds in certain bars/rum shops in a well-known district to test the political waters by flying a kite or two. It is a method of ‘low-key canvassing’ used to get feedback on voters feelings to help shape and/or fine-tune the party’s messages. 

It is known that both the Dems and the Bees quietly engage in such exercises to test the mood on the ground. But an upsurge in the Dems doing this across the island for the last few months is what reportedly pushed the Bees to get themselves ready to ensure they would not be caught off-guard if a snap poll is called.

Cou Cou was told that this particular operative and a colleague went into a popular bar where, after sizing up the situation, tried to engage patrons at different tables by dropping remarks about a leading BLP politico. Quickly the conversation changed at the tables with some of the patrons bemoaning what seems to be a lot of gay people around these days, and began calling names of who they suspect to be so inclined.

The discussion quickly picked up steam and the old rumour about a certain BLP politico using their teeth was repeated to wild amusement. In true Bajan fashion some chipped in with things they had overheard about other people to add their tit-bits to the salacious gossip.

It seemed the talk was going precisely the way the operative wanted as BLP politicos in particular were getting a tongue-lashing. But from the time the operative mentioned the words “immoral people”, the near seven minutes of raucous talk all but stopped as the same man who recalled the tale about the Bee said while he was not comfortable with certain lifestyles he hated people who used their position to hold onto others’ money. That was totally wicked and immoral for him. And, he particularly hated politicians who promised to do things and when they get into power, don’t even talk about what they promised. That, said the man, was immoral as well.

Cou Cou was told the other men in the bar agreed and quick so the conversation turned to the problems they experience on a day-to-day basis and the government not keeping their promises. They talked about the cost of living and how difficult it was to make ends meet, the difficulties to get buses and having to put up with minibuses and ZRs playing ear-splitting music, the potholes in the roads, and other subjects. 

Sensing he had opened a can of worms, the operative and his colleague reportedly slipped out of the bar very quietly.


IT IS WELL-KNOWN that around this time of year foreign exchange reserves are often low, but adequate enough to cope with the needs of businesses and the public.

However, Cou Cou has been told that some businesspeople are complaining about delays in getting their foreign exchange requests approved in a timely fashion. A few have even suggested that because of the delays in getting payment to suppliers this could affect their companies’ credit rating.

If Cou Cou is hearing this talk, something must be amiss. But as this is too serious an issue to be flippant with, we think the Central Bank should state what the levels of foreign reserves are at this time, and if they are adequate enough to satisfy the needs of businesses. 

If ever there was a time for the Central Bank to speak up, it is now.


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