DEAR CHRISTINE: Found out he was two-timing me


DEAR CHRISTINE, I have been in love with a guy for the past 11 months. The two of us were going strong, then all of a sudden he started acting strangely.

I asked him what had gone wrong with me and him, and he told me he was giving me time to study because I had my exams to sit. However, I discovered that all the time I was studying he had another woman in my place.

When I asked him about it, he used to ask me what I was talking about. One of his friends told me he even had the woman living at his grandmother.

I decided to call there and this woman came to the phone and told me she was living at his grandmother.

Christine, when I stand and think about how men could be, I feel like doing something terrible.

There was a time, come morning or night, that he would never let me out of his sight. But now I don’t even see the man.

– F.M.

Dear F.M.,

I do sympathise with you. It seems that while you were studying, he was also studying how to get out of the relationship with you.

I don’t think it started after he left you so that you could catch up with your examinations. He must have had an eye for the new girl and just used that as an excuse since it was so convenient.

Try not to let it get you down too much. All men are not alike and I hope that one day you’ll find someone who will make you feel glad that you did not get that two-timing guy after all.

I suspect you are still of school age; let school and your studies become your priority.

This little lesson from life outside the school room should teach you not to be too eager to get too involved too early in life with serious love affairs.



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