DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t understand fretful wife


DEAR CHRISTINE, I am nearly 30 and married to a young woman who is 21. We have been married for four years. Everything went very well for about two and a half years and then she started to get fretful.

She says I should take her out some more. It is okay for her to say this as she is at home all day but I get tired on the job. She has also been after me to let her get a job, but I do not see the need for this, as I make enough money.

She is so fretful that recently when I try to make love to her, she keeps making excuses.

I even asked her if she was interested in someone else and she said she was not.

This whole thing worries me and I wonder if you can tell me what to do.

– L.P.

Dear L.P.,

Your wife is bored and you are lucky that there is not another man by now, although I have no reason to suppose that she would be unfaithful to you.

Some women can do so much housework and that’s it. They need the healthy stimulus of a job outside of the home. I feel you should set her free to find that job.

You can consider her salary as pocket money if your pride prevents you from letting her use it on your mutual housekeeping needs. She will find ways to spend it if only on some smart new clothes.

I don’t think a job would be a threat to your marriage. As a matter of fact, when she stops being bored, you’ll no doubt find her quite a refreshing company both in and out of bed.



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