NUPW blasts Govt over pay plan


THE MOVE BY Democratic Labour Party parliamentarians to restore the ten per cent docked from their salaries has been blasted by the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW).

President Akanni McDowall has called the move “unreasonable”, “unconscionable” and “insensitive” in light of the fact that civil servants have not had a wage increase in the past seven years.

He is calling out public servants to a meeting on Friday at 2 p.m. at NUPW headquarters “to discuss this issue and the way forward”.

McDowall said last night that the last round of salary negotiations was in October, and since then the NUPW had been trying to get a meeting with the Ministry of the Civil Service “but to no avail”.

“I find it unreasonable, unconscionable and insensitive that this Government, at this time, would demand the ten per cent restoration of their salary when public servants have not received a salary increase for over eight years. These same public servants are faced with numerous taxes and a high cost of living . . . .

“There seems to be a lack of regard for the average man on the street who has to struggle every day to pay bills, send children to school and keep a roof over their head . . . . The economy has not turned around; how can you expect to restore your salary and your people are suffering?” McDowall asked. (HLE)


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