Friday, March 1, 2024

Yellow all the way


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YELLOW HOUSE counted their fourth consecutive victory at the Bay Primary inter-house championships at the school grounds last Thursday.

Yellow retained the title with 485 points, with Red in second place 463, Green third with 419 and Blue fourth on 373 points.

It was the second straight year that Red took second place after they were edged out by five points last year.

It was an interesting tussle for the victrix ludorum title, which was shared by Jahkala Smith of Yellow and Tamesha Arthur of Green.

Smith, competing in the Under-9 division, won the 80 metres, 100 metres, 150 metres and cricket ball throw to total 40 points, while Arthur won the 100 metres, 200 metres, 400 metres and 600 metres among the Under-13s.

The victor ludorum title was also shared – by Michael Browne of Green and Tyler Redman of Red.

Competing in the Under-13 category, Browne recorded 38 points, winning the 400 metres, 800 metres and cricket ball throw and placing second in the 100 metres.

Redman, running in the Under-9 division, seized the sprints, winning the 80 metres, 100 metres and 150 metres. He also took the silver medal in the cricket ball throw. (RG)


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