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MAVIS BECKLES: Don’t stress ovah nothing


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IF YOU TAKE on all the lot o’ politics, the big egos, the hurt prides and the power struggles all ovah the world, Barbados included, ya would get suh caught up wid it and totally forget how tuh enjoy the simple little things in life.

I does listen tuh all of it pon the radio, watch it pon the TV and read bout it in the newspapers evah single day.

Even when I meet up wid some o’ my old friends at the beach on mornings, the arguments and discussions does be going on. So I does have tuh take a quick break and exit and do muh lil’ swimming in order tuh relax muhself, so I won’t get all caught up in the discussions and arguments dat will only spoil my day, and dat aint happening.

This is still God’s world and ya know something? Nuh matter wha’ happen or wha’ nuhbody say or do, He still in control.

Two o’ the things the Finance Minister Chris Sinckler say aint gine happen is dat dem aint gine tuh the IMF and the Barbados dollar will not be devalued.

Well, we will wait and see ’cause we cahn do one thing else but wait and pray.

Talking bout waiting and praying, it look like the rumour dat was going around bout the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) picking up Caribbean people and sending dem back home just so like it is just that, a rumour right now.

An article I read recently say dat New York City Council member Jumaane D. Williams, who is the son of Grenadian immigrants dat represent the predominantly Caribbean Council district in Brooklyn, and his staffers have been following up on the many rumours about the immigrant sweeps.

He say dat the best thing an understandably concerned communiity can do is be armed wid accurate information. He also said dat, unfortunately, the immigrant community has reason tuh be worried and should stay vigilant. Well, dat is out o’ the horse’s mout’ so I hope duh listen and take heed.

Now talking bout power, some people cahn let it go fuh nutten. Robert Mugabe, who is 93 years old and is the president of Zimbabwe since 1980 or so, got a wife who is 51 years old.

The article read dat at a rally the other day, the wife tell the people dat one day when God decides dat Mugabe dies, dem gine have his corpse appear as a candidate on the ballot paper. She went on tuh say that just tuh show how people love their president, you will see people voting for Mugabe as a corpse. You could imagine dat? And look, she was serious as a judge. I tell ya.

Finally, I waiting tuh see if the heads o’ the Bajan armed forces gine ease up pon the types o’ hairstyles the members sport just because the American army people just allow the soldiers tuh wear dreadlocks, beards and turbans, and even the females tuh wear hijabs.

Duh say dat the change was made tuh increase the diversity inside the service and tuh provide more opportunities fuh Americans tuh serve in uniform.

I had tuh smile when I read dat. Duh say dat it can expand the pool o’ people eligible tuh join the army. Duh also said dat there was a section of the population who before was unable tuh enlist in the army but this will make the army better because ya opening the doors fuh more talent and people who have skills the army could use.

Well if dem say so . . . but hijabs and turbans too? I tell ya, duh riskful. I could understand the cornrows and the twist fuh the African American women ’cause dat is their natural look but all o’ dem other get-ups where ya cahn see people faces, dat is a different story altogether. 

Well, the world is changing and ya have tuh stop all the stressing and live wid it.

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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