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DEAR CHRISTINE: Don’t seem to have any luck with men


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Dear Christine,

I HAVE BEEN in love with a guy from the time I was 17 years old. I am now 28 and I have two children for him.

We disagreed for about two years as I felt we should be married. During this period, I had a child from another man. I had to leave him because I found out that he had two other women.

Two months after I left him, the first one came and asked if we could get back together again. I care for him, and I was glad for us to get back together. I asked him if he was sure, and if my having another man’s child did not bother him. He said “no”. We have been back together for about a year and things were going well until I talked about marriage, then he got vexed.

About a month ago I heard he had another woman. He denied it but I happened to see them together for myself. The girl is pregnant but he says it is not for him. He told her that he did not care for her but she said she loves him, and he said that he was only using her if that’s the way she wanted it.

I asked him if he was just using me also and he said “no”, but if I wanted to finish he would not stop me. I have not left him as yet. I am waiting for your answer first.

I don’t seem to have any luck with men. They cannot keep one woman. This man also wants to come home when he feels like doing so and sometimes he sleeps out.

– C.H.

Dear C.H.,

Some men know nothing about being faithful to any one woman and your boyfriend seems to be one of them. I find him rather indifferent when he says he would not stop you if you leave him.

To be indifferent is to be unconcerned, pathetic, disinterested, a feeling of being of no consequence. Not very flattering, is it?

Is that what you want? Only you can answer that question.



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