A real helping hand


JUST OVER A MONTH AGO, he was down on his luck.

Homeless and sickly, he was living under a tree “in terrible conditions” at an area in Cave Land, St Philip.

But yesterday, visually impaired Rawle Browne was like a new man during the official reopening of the Lancaster House transitional home in St James.

He was in a joyous mood as he expressed gratitude to all those who not only came to his assistance, but also helped him in refurbishing Lancaster House, where he now resides.

Chairman of the National Assistance Board, Senator Dr David Durant, told the DAILY NATION that seeing the elderly man now compared to how he looked a month ago had brought joy to his heart.

A grateful Browne was so excited that he kissed the hand of China’s Ambassador to Barbados, Wang Ke, as he thanked her for her country’s contributions to the project, which included cash and a donation of appliances. (BW/LD)


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