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SDA Primary School students top quiz competition


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THE DESIRE TO give back to schools in the catchment area of Esso Culloden Road, through educational means, led retailer Andrew Firebrace to host the A & R Enterprises Ltd Quiz 2017, sponsored by the Esso brand.

Bay Primary School, St Paul’s Primary School, St Ambrose Primary School and the Bridgetown Seventh-day Adventist Primary School were brought together for a friendly, educational and exciting competition.

Stevenson Hollingsworth, commercial sales executive of Sol Barbados Ltd which manages the Esso brand in Barbados, said the competition was intended “to encourage the right attitudes and aptitudes amongst our young people”.

Delivering the opening remarks at the start of the event, he further stated that:  “Esso recognises the importance that the youth plays within our society. They represent the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our future.

“We’re very happy today to foster an environment that caters to the positive development and social wellbeing of our children through our sponsorship of this worthwhile endeavour.”

The excitement abounding in the participants was palpable through the entire competition. Moderator Richard Arthur opened by reminding them that they were all champions, and even encouraged them to do the champion dance.

This confidence booster allowed the children to put shyness aside and boldly engage in this opportunity to display the knowledge about our island home and its culture, which they would have gained through preparation for the quiz.

Participants were quizzed in the areas of General Knowledge, Spelling, Bajan Sayings and Sports Icons and Venues. The favourite topic of the children was clearly the Bajan Sayings as they rattled them off with glee.

At what would have been the end of the competition, Bay Primary and the Seventh-day Adventist Primary were tied for the top spot, resulting in a sudden death round. 

Eventually, the SDA School emerged victorious. That day, each participant left a winner with prizes from the sponsors that included challenge trophies, Kindle Fires, gift baskets and accounts of varying amounts at the City of Bridgetown Co-operating Credit Union.

Teachers and students alike, from all four schools, expressed their gratitude for the competition and were in agreement that it was an enjoyable learning experience. (KFW)

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