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Use energy to lift youth


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IT NEVER CEASES to amaze me as to how far some Barbadians will go in copying the many negative things of America.

This was my first impression on reading a recent article in the WEEKEND NATION where the president of the Barbados Youth Action Programme has accused our Attorney General and the Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police of being biased in race issues.

He stated in his accusation that black people were the only group reprimanded by lawmen and that certain minority races were being protected. One only has to recall the news on the American media in the past year and see where my reference relates to the above.

It is a very serious problem when we have someone who is responsible for leading our youth, to be making such an accusation. I commend the Attorney General and the Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police for their common sense answer to the accusation, in pointing out that Barbados has a predominantly black population and that the majority of offences would of course be with the black race. They also rightfully stated that it was not the “whites” or “Indians” doing the killings.

The one thing that I agree with the president of the youth movement on is that I too, do believe that the black youth who are shooting, killing each other and committing other crimes, are not the ones responsible for bringing the guns to the island, but they are the buyers.

Forget reparations

I will also like to suggest that if he has any proof to his claim that the police are protecting minority races being “whites” and “Indians” who could be responsible for a part in the crime and violence that is devouring our beautiful island, then he as a leader should go to the authorities and state his claim.

What I am going to write about now is something that I have always felt strongly about and I will go as far as bringing Professor Sir Hilary Beckles of the University of the West Indies in on this one.

My suggestion to many of the problems that are facing the black youth of today is that people like Sir Hilary should take time to go into the Orleans, villages and schools in trying to get the black youth on the right track. Instead of using their energy on reparations and the taking down of the Nelson statue, they should put some of it and their time in trying to really help their black brothers and sisters.

I am sure that there are many different areas where people like him can help by getting personally involved and identify as someone the youth can look up to and be an example to them.




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