Good turnout in Hastings


Some south coast businesses and restaurants affected by persistent sewage problems had a decent turnout for New Year’s activities.

Two of the livelier spots were at Blakey’s Bar & Restaurant, which was also where the greatest number of people had gathered when a DAILY NATION team toured the area ahead of the New Year’s countdown, and Izza Lime, one of the newer establishments. Both places featured music for patrons to dance to as they awaited the countdown.

Owner of Blakey’s, Ronald Gittens, said he was very happy with the turnout.

“We are a landmark for Christ Church and you can see all the fireworks from here. We had a special menu until a certain time, then it’s drinks all night,” he said.

The Hastings area has been in the news in recent times as a result of the sewage spilling from the underground pipes, but Gittens said it was not a problem for his bar. In fact, he has been thriving.

“The sewage hasn’t slowed us down; you can’t see or smell it from here. We’ve actually been doing more business,” he said.

The Cozier family was relaxing at Blakey’s. Most of them were in from Canada visiting cousin Natalie Linton, who said they had all been having a wonderful time. The visitors said they did not mind being away from home for New Year’s Day, as Barbados was warm and they could enjoy it more.

Over at Izza Lime, patrons were sipping drinks at the bar or chatting at tables. Co-owner of the six-month-old bar, Richie Quintyne, said they had a good mix of tourists and locals and offered live and DJ music. As for when midnight struck, he said they would “turn up”.

On the other hand, Alfredo Giovine said his restaurant, Tapas, had been suffering because of the issue, reporting some cancellations. However, he said he actually had a decent crowd for the last night of 2017.

“Business between Christmas and tonight has been lower than normal, but tonight was good. We have a special menu and when the fireworks start, the people will go and watch. Then they will go home and tomorrow we start again,” he said.

Mark Yearwood, co-owner of The Oasis On The Boardwalk which opened in March, said that they featured a great view of the sea, a warm atmosphere and the best pizza on the island. His patrons were lined off on beach chairs facing the ocean and everyone had an air of excitement as the clock ticked towards midnight.

Chaela Parasram and her family were eating and relaxing behind KFC, awaiting the big show.

“Last year was awesome and we are expecting even better this year. Every year it’s a big thing and we enjoy ourselves,” she said. (CA)


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