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Monique is climbing the corporate ladder


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Monique Jordan doesn’t like an irate customer. She goes out of her way to make sure that when she hangs up the telephone the person at the other end has had a satisfactory response.

Monique is a supervisor at Flow, in charge of two teams – Dispatch and TAC.

Being supervisor isn’t what makes her special . . . it is her tenureship and rise up the ranks of the company that made EASY magazine seek her out for an interview a couple days before International Women’s Day.

“I have been with the company for the past 23 years. Well, this year I will be celebrating 24 years,” she stated proudly.

Monique, 40, came to the company as a temporary clerk, rather as a summer job.

“I left Combermere and went to Barbados Community College (BCC) to do an associate degree in computer science. I studied computer programming at Combermere and was really interested in programming. When I came here it was Bartel and I was working as a clerk in the finance department.

“It was supposed to be only three months and I stayed on. I went to BCC part-time.”

Monique worked as a temp for three years, and then she moved into service delivery as a clerk, still temporary. She was then promoted to senior and then supervisor, going through Bartel to LIME to Ericsson and then to Flow.

Monique’s department deals directly with installation and faults. So when a customer has any issue with their equipment, Monique’s team handles it. The teams deal with troubleshooting, answering calls and sending out technicians.

“When I started out I was in charge of eight people in the installation section. Then I was promoted to supervisor for the fault section and in charge of about 18. At Ericsson it was 12, now at Flow I am in charge of about 50.”

Monique has three team leaders who help her run a tight ship – well two ships – and the teams are stationed downstairs and upstairs, so Monique is between both on a daily basis.

“No two days are the same. My days start at about 7:30 a.m. I can’t say they end as I am always on call and my mobile is never off,” she said.

“I check in on mornings with the team leaders and we go over stuff. I have meetings also daily with the higher-ups. In the beginning it was a lot to manage but I have sorted out a system that has helped me tremendously.”

Monique says a bad day means not accomplishing all that is set out but she faces the next day with a renewed purpose.

“What makes a day worse is an irate customer who we can’t placate. I know the company has this reputation that customers have had bad experiences with us. I am trying to change that stigma with my teams, who I love working with.”

Talking about team, Monique says she enjoys the camaraderie they share, even though at times being the supervisor she has had to put her foot down.

“My team knows it is about results and teamwork. I have a boss to answer to just as how they answer to me. At the end of the day it really is about the customer and making sure the customer is satisfied.”

Monique said she sometimes gets her hands dirty, helping out when needed, but that is a rarity.

Monique, who is a mum to 12-year-old son, Xavion Jordan, says her days off are spent relaxing and hanging out with her son.

“I struggle to balance work and family and at times I have disappointed him by missing certain appointments, but he makes sure I make it up to him,” she said, laughing.

She said what she wants to show her son is that hard work pays off and when you are given responsibilities you grab opportunities with both hands.

“I not only tell my son that, but also my team. I encourage my staff to take every opportunity to be better. We have Flow University, where you can enrol in courses and there is even in-house training which management has installed for the betterment of staff.”

Monique, who has taken advantage of some of those courses, is now eyeing a higher position in management.

“I want to keep climbing the corporate ladder. I have many goals I want to achieve and I am happy with Flow. I look forward to at least another 24 years with them,” she said. (NS)


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