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GOSPEL CALL: ‘Turn to Jesus’ for answers


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When we need the right direction, we should go to Jesus, not to man.

It was the biblical story of Nicodemus which led Reverend Selven S. Lowe to make this statement when the Seventh-Day Adventist School Alumni held their 65th anniversary service at All Saints Anglican Church in St Peter recently.

Lowe, who was also a product of the school, told the congregation that like Nicodemus, each of them should pay Jesus a visit to get direction, guidance and a new way of life from Him.

“Sometimes we go to man only to realise it is a wrong set of guidance, and we are further out than when we first started. However, when we go to Jesus, we know without a doubt we are set on the right path.”

As he spoke about Nicodemus and being born again, Lowe told his listeners that many times “in their endeavours in life”, they might be called on to revisit some areas and have a new way of thinking and doing things.

“If you want to understand what I mean to be born again, you should send your child to the Seventh-Day Adventist School and allow him or her to have an experience there. If many schools had the strict discipline this school has, the school population in Barbados would be different today,” he stressed.

The minister said the Seventh-Day Adventist School was known for setting a strong, spiritual foundation for each student and helping to form and shape lives for life.

He also made the point that in seeking to give spiritual direction to students, the school was known for holding a week of prayer each term to strengthen the spiritual life and journey of students.

“It was out of this that one could be born again, recognise and live a new way of life.

“Jesus offered a new way of life that Nicodemus could not understand. All of us are offered this new way of life, regardless of our age.

“Being born again entails coming away from the old self and taking introspection. It is seeing where you are at some point in life, and making that conscious decision to better and strengthen your spiritual life.”

Lowe added: “For some it may call for a right turn, for others a left turn, and still for others a complete roundabout turn.”

He also told the gathering that being a strong person of prayer was important to changing a lifestyle and giving Jesus Christ a chance in one’s life.

“Take an example from Nicodemus. Pay him a visit and get the guidance Christ gave him. Sometimes it may not be welcoming news but to continue on a path that is pleasing in God’s sight, we must be obedient.

“Obedience is something all of us struggle with each day. We know we need to change. Like Nicodemus, we can go to Jesus and He will give guidance for the situation.” (CH)


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