Crop crooks get jail warning



A BRIDGETOWN MAGISTRATE on Friday sent a warning to those who engage in praedial larceny.

If you plead guilty or are found guilty, you will be jailed.

“Every day on the agricultural programmes you hear about people trying to do farming but they frightened for the thieves,” said Magistrate Douglas Frederick.

“I heard one man say you can put aside for the monkeys but not for the thieves.”

He was speaking as he sentenced Wayne Anthony Worrell to six months in prison.

Worrell, 58, of 3rd Avenue, Eckstein Village, Tudor Bridge, St Michael, had just pleaded guilty to stealing three pounds of parsley and two pounds of kale, worth $62, belonging to Keith Corbin on April 11.

“I am very sorry. I apologise. I could pay he back. I is get money every month,” the thief said.

He explained he cooked and ate some of the stolen produce and “give way some”. He begged for a chance through a fine.

“I can’t give you a fine,” the magistrate told the many-time convicted thief. “Everybody is crying out about praedial larceny. I am going to deter other people.”

Prosecutor Sergeant Rudy Pilgrim said the complainant was a small farmer who tended a small kitchen garden secured by a five-foot fence.

He was at home working on his car when he decided to go to the neighbour’s house to borrow some tools.

As Corbin was returning home, he saw the thief jumping over his fence, carrying a plastic bag with produce protruding from it.

The farmer chased after him but Worrell escaped.

Police, however, picked him up and charged him. (HLE)


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