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PM’s ‘brilliant’ ploy


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IN MY OPINION, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart should be credited for his ingenuity, particularly as it relates to political strategy. As a student of philosophy, Mr Stuart is aware of the spin-offs that often accompany the ancient practice that many philosophers refer to as “order in chaos”.

The caveat is simple.

Allow or create enough chaos in any system, political or otherwise, and as a consequence, you will create confusion, disillusionment, frustration, and ultimately, rejection.

To my mind, Mr Stuart, unlike some of his comrades, is quite aware that Barbadians from all persuasions are unhappy with his leadership and with his Government. He knows that the odds are against him, but in his quest to give his Government a fighting chance at the upcoming election, he has, and I believe, will continue to allow certain things to fester that could frustrate the electorate to the extent that many of us may opt to withhold our franchise.


Voter apathy


With so many things seemingly going wrong in Barbados and with the advent of the “new” political parties and practitioners, many of whom appear to be in it for fun, we are now witnessing a steady increase in voter apathy and a concomitant breakdown in the imagery of our illustrious and well-respected political system.

Bravo, Mr Stuart; it is a brilliant political strategy. Get us frustrated enough with our political system and our politicians that we opt to withhold our vote.

Now while “order in chaos” could trigger a low voter turnout, which essentially gives the current administration a fighting chance at the upcoming election, time and causality, the universal constants, are the wild cards in this game of political poker.

In less than 20 days many of our students will begin to write their CXC examinations, which are scheduled every day throughout the month of May, according to the 2018 CXC timetable.

Our young ones will be sitting the Common Entrance, one of the most important examinations in their lives, on May 8.

Given the importance we ascribe to our children’s education, Mr Stuart would do well to consider that if by his actions or inaction, our children are adversely distracted by political parties staging their respective spot meetings throughout the night at a time when the environment should be conducive for studying, history will indeed be made in Barbados.

Political strategy is one thing, but playing Russian roulette with the lives of our nation’s children . . . . Any person who would seek to do so must bear the full weight of our collective reprimand.




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