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IT MATTERS TO MARIA: Habit out of hand again


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A long line of garbage has become the view for people travelling along the Pine East West Boulevard.

It has been that way for many years.

Several old suitcases, old clothes, containers, card boxes, PET bottles – these are among a large heap of garbage piled up in front of a Government unit occupied by Patsy Best at Golden Rock, The Pine, St Michael, which overlooks the Boulevard.

Best is known in the neighbourhood as a chronic hoarder.

While this column was unable to locate Best, who roams the streets of Bridgetown on a daily basis armed with a trolley collecting garbage, residents in the neighbourhood are fed-up with her unsanitary behaviour.

The garbage may appear to be lined off in a neat heap in front of her home, but it is an eyesore for those who have to pass there to get to the Boulevard.

One woman said they wanted her gone from the district.

“She used to live further up the road in The Pine and she was doing the same thing out there, piling in front of her house with garbage. The unit catch fire and NHC [National Housing Corporation] relocate her out here, and it was the same thing all over again. This is bad for the neighbourhood and the thing is, her unit is right in front of the Ministry of Transport and Works. That is the view that people see when they go there to conduct business; that is the view that people see when they travelling on the main road. That ain’t right.”

The situation was even more unsettling for Best’s neighbour who said he was tired of calling the authorities.

“I called the health inspectors about two months ago and they came and clean up the area, but look how it is again?” he lamented, pointing to all of the items.

“She walks around and picks up garbage and dumps in front of her house; but it is affecting me as well.”

He also pointed out that because Best did not have water and electricity, she was also using containers and the outdoors to deposit her waste, creating a foul smell in the area.

“She does not speak to me so I have nothing to do with her,” the man said.

Two young men who were walking by the house angrily declared that if something was not done about the situation, someone might take matters into their own hands.

“All of that garbage want burning; she got the place in a mess. Sanitation needs to come here and clean this up or somebody else will, and it ain’t gine be pretty,” one declared.

Best was featured in this column back in 2011 when residents had complained about the same problem.

At that time she claimed she collected plastic bottles and the rest of materials were her treasures.

After she was featured, the Sanitation Service Authority spent an entire day removing loads of garbage from both inside and outside her home.

When contacted, a senior health official confirmed they had dealt with this matter on several occasions.

“We have arranged for a clean-up of the area in front of her home many times. We understand this is a major health issue and we have asked for intervention from the social services to help this lady because we believe there is a bigger issue here. However, she cannot be forced to accept the intervention if she does not want to.”


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