Lawyer ‘a fighter’ to the end


A true warrior and fighter.

That was how attorney Kathy-Anne Trotman was described by Rev. Arlette Waterman during her funeral service at the Ebenezer Methodist Church, Ebenezer, St Philip, on Thursday.

Trotman, 49, became a household name when she and her husband, attorney Douglas Trotman, joined forces to press Government to approve her medicinal marijuana request for palliative care, after she was diagnosed with Stage II triple negative breast cancer in 2015.

“Kathy was a true Christian woman who fought for what she believed in . . . .  She would have fought like Paul and never gave up even until her last moments on Earth. She fought ill health, social obstacles, even spiritual battles, and legal fights,” Waterman said.

Tributes flowed for the mother of six as Governor General Dame Sandra Mason, judges, magistrates, lawyers, politicians, family and friends paid tribute her.


No solution

Douglas, Kathy-Anne’s husband of 14 years, eulogised his wife as the epitome of strength that kept the entire family together.

“When Kath was diagnosed, she said she would not have chemotherapy or radiation. She said she would fight naturally, and use other Western medical methodologies. We journeyed to Vancouver [Canada] on two occasions, [before] she took her fight public for the use of medical cannabis.

“The system responded sluggishly, but Kath kept fighting and I fought with her. Eventually we got a prescription for her to use medical cannabis from Dr Harley Moseley III,” he said.

He said that she was his rock, and together they made a great team.

“We thought we had time . . . . This has been difficult for all of us, but Kath kept to a single promise; that she would indeed cleave to her husband . . . . Kath, I love you, we will all miss you, and we know you will be with us every day. I saw the power of prayer, and I now must search my burning bush,” he said as he began to cry. (RA)


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