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Fingall questions impact of foreign coaches


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The wrong message is being sent to West Indies cricketers by hiring foreigners to coach the regional team.

With the West Indies sinking to an all-time low ranking of ninth in Test cricket, long-standing coach Mac Fingall has reiterated the sentiments he expressed while delivering the feature address at last month’s Barbados Cricket Association’s awards dinner at Kensington Oval.

Noting that the one entity which holds West Indian people together is West Indies cricket, Fingall said sport defines the character of people while psychology is a powerful tool and weapon.

“Who is in charge of fashioning the minds of the West Indian team? Every time the camera focuses on the coaching staff of the West Indies cricket team, my mind wonders and even wanders, for I consciously wonder about what subliminal messages are being conveyed to our West Indian cricketers being coached by and prepared by a majority of foreigners. A myriad of questions engulf my being,” Fingall said.

Fingall questioned what the West Indian players are unconsciously getting from such an experience.

“Are they understanding that these jobs are beyond West Indians? Are they believing that no West Indian is qualified to do these jobs?” he asked.

“Are they therefore subliminally understanding that no West Indians are educated enough, knowledgeable enough, wise enough, smart enough or in any way capable of coaching and teaching the game of cricket which we totally dominated across the world for 15 years?” he further asked.

“Are they being made to understand that there is no hope for them as workers in the management of cricket?

“What is it? It has to be something, for we all extract through observation, we all extract through circumstance, and we all know the power of perception.

“And I further wonder, do these people fully understand our plight, our journey, our history, our culture, our lives . . . .Do they feel what we feel? Can they feel what we feel? Do they hurt when we hurt? Do they hurt when we lose? Can they hurt when we lose?”

Australian Stuart Law is the current West Indies’ head coach with Englishman Toby Radford serving as batting coach and South African Alfonso Thomas as bowling coaches.

Previously, Australians Bennett King, David Moore and John Dyson also served as West Indies coach.

Fingall said while he understands being a professional, he still wonders whether the passion of foreign coaches is the same as West Indians’.

“Do they understand that when the West Indies beat England and Australia in cricket that the euphoria is like reparation?” he asked.

Fingall said the way forward for West Indies’ cricket hinges on more than bowling fast and batting long.

“A reprogramming of the West Indian’s self-view, self-image and self-worth must take place. We must have the courage to create a new consciousness of regional confidence,” declared Fingall.

He said this is a historic era with the emergence of black managers and coaches in basketball, baseball and football in a racially biased United States of America. (EZS)


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