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‘Soldier’ vs Aquino May 19


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Cobia “Soldier” Breedy is gearing up to extend his unbeaten run to 11 fights in the ring.

The Barbadian professional boxer, whose record is 10-0, is expected to face Esteben Aquino of the Dominican Republic at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 19.

Breedy said although he hasn’t fought in a year becausea number of his matchups were cancelled, he was ready to get back into the ring.

“We have been training very hard for this fight. As a soldier you always have to be ready to go to war, so you always have to be prepared for whatever. We have a whole new tool box, new weapons and we have new ammunition, so I just can’t wait to go in the ring and use those. We are just staying ready for whatever.

“My team works really hard. We have been doing this for three and a half years now and there is no turning back. It’s strictly a war zone.

“We are going straight for the top. In that period of time all we were doing was just working out.

“I changed my diet. I’m a vegetarian and I feel a lot better and stronger. I walk around lighter, I’m just a healthier soldier,” he said.

His fight will be a part of a card that features world featherweight champion Garry Russell Jr. and top challenger Joseph Diaz.

His coach Floyd Seymour said although he hasn’t fought in a year he never stopped working and the team is very excited to see him capture his 11th victory and continue on to his major goal, which is to gain the world title.

“He trains really hard, so we are excited. He is ready to step out into the ring and put Barbados on the map in terms of boxing because this will make his 11th fight,” Seymour said.

Although he is no stranger to the ring he has now moved up from six rounds to eight and Seymour is confident that he is able to take on the task.

“He’ll be fighting an eight-rounder instead of six, and then he’ll move up to 10 rounds and then 12, until he’s fighting for a title.

“He also dropped some weight. He’s now 126 pounds, so he is excited about being in a new weight division. He changed his eating, diet regimen and he has a new nutritionist, so we are so excited.

“Right now we have two more weeks to get ready for this fight and we are in the gym training with the world champion Garry Russell and his Olympic brothers.

“He just got married so he has another big thing in his life. On top of that two weeks later he is stepping back on the centre stage. He’s the only Caribbean boxer fighting on the card,” said Seymour. (RG)


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