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Flying fish and cou-cou for long living


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The once ubiquitous healthy delicious national dish of steamed flying fish and corn meal cou-cou is on the wane in Barbados. But why?

The people have replaced it with macaroni pie and baked pork. We must stress the healthy properties of flying fish and corn meal cou-cou, which include vitamins, minerals and protein without unhealthy chemicals and preservatives.

It is also a main contributor to Barbados’ citizens’ longevity, of which we boast, placing Barbados on the map with a high number of centenarians.

We are now living in an era of catastrophic levels of non-communicable diseases – which have caused Government’s health care costs to skyrocket – partly through unhealthy eating habits. The number of our centenarians would also be on the wane, and workforce illnesses would reduce our much needed productivity. the health authorities now have to seek additional financing to sustain help to citizens in this regard.

There is the need to revert to flying fish and corn meal cou-cou. We should not also still be “fishing” for a feasible and sustainable idea and implementation to help reverse this trend. A “fish” should have been “caught” already.

Enough said.



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