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CTUSAB: Keep it clean


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Another appeal has gone out about the behaviour on the political platform as the campaign trail heats up for the May 24 Polling Day.

The Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB) reiterated its call from the start of the year for Barbadians to demand that politicians exhibit exemplary behaviour and exercise decorum.

“The labour movement maintains that the conduct and actions of politicians and supporters must do nothing to compromise the political stability of the nation. Barbados has a tradition of respect for the democratic process, the rule of law and order. It is therefore left to politicians, citizens and residents to observe high standards of discipline, ethical and responsible behaviour.

“CTUSAB encourages Barbadians and residents of the island not to become engaged in any political intrigue and political tribalism, which serve no useful purpose but to divide the nation,” a release from CTUSAB read.


Put Barbados first

The statement, signed by the general secretary Dennis DePeiza, urged all political parties and candidates in the upcoming general election to undertake to seriously address the needs of the country by putting Barbados first ahead of narrow political interest.

 “CTUSAB cautions that any actions to the contrary will do nothing more than to contribute to the erosion of investor confidence and to the divided nation. CTUSAB appeals to all political parties fielding candidates in the general elections to denounce vote buying and personal attacks on individual candidates and ordinary citizens, both on the political platforms and in the media,” the statement read.

The organisation said that refraining from personal attacks could curb any possible rising tensions emerging from comments on the character, reputation, integrity and credibility of the individual.


Responsible leadership

The Congress said that responsible leadership should be exercised by the leaders of the contesting political parties.

“It is expected that the individual political parties will hold their candidates accountable for any breaches of the electoral code of conduct, and work to ensure that their followers act and behave responsibly.  CTUSAB admonishes the leaders of the contesting political parties to do all in their power to ensure that Barbados maintains its good name and reputation internationally.

“Irrespective of which political party forms the next government, the Congress underscores the point that there must be a commitment on the part of all interests to a national effort which is aimed at building and advancing the development of Barbados,” it concluded. (PR)


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