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DLP developed St Lucy, says Kellman


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Every positive in St Lucy occurred after 2008.

So said Democratic Labour Party candidate for St Lucy, Denis Kellman at a meeting at Pie Corner on Wednesday night.

“Agro-tourism after 2008, solar energy after 2008, Archers Bay stage after 2008, Catch 22 [Restaurant], after 2008, Animal Flower Cave restaurant, the Spring Hall Land Lease Project. You can imagine that? “ Kellman said.

He added: “We are blessed in this constituency and we do not even know it.”

The Minister of Housing and resident of the area told to the constituents who attended dressed in their yellow shirts with posters in hand, that the Barbados Labour Party wanted them to believe a lie to disguise their own shortcomings.

“They don’t want you to know that when they were in government for 15 years they neglected this constituency. Figures don’t tell lies. For 15 years they had the government and from 1996 to 2008 the BLP could only spend $1.2 million on St Lucy when the honey was flowing, but the DLP in a crisis spent over $8 million on St Lucy.

“Michael Lashley, the Minister, spent over $4.8 million on this constituency. He did bathroom facilities, he put down electric poles, did house repairs . . . tanks, water, wells, you think I finish? They spent the money in Christ Church East, Christ Church West Central but the DLP cared so much that they corrected the injustices that you suffered”.

He said the Barbados Labour Party wanted to blame him for every negative aspect concerning the area including the rusty pipes but they did nothing to fix the situation which already existed when they were the ruling government.

He stated that it was the DLP who took on the task of changing some of the pipes.

Kellman said prior to 1994 no parks existed in the parish and those which now exist at Checker Hall, Mount Poyer and Connell Town were testimony to the DLP seeing the need for recreational activity

He also pointed out that his concept of community tourism had been criticized but it was making a significant impact across the parish. 

“If you go to Moon Town tonight you will see that there is a lovely structure and you would not believe that that is an old building. If you Google you will find out that the place is now known as Moon Town Apartments. I do not own them but the man is so impressed with the brand name that he felt committed to name his condos even without asking permission.

“He turned around and advertised that he has a business when you come to the area and to come and shop too. He took a picture of the sign ‘Moon Town open 6 a.m. until’ and he posted that too. Some people cannot appreciate vision,” Kellman said. (RG)


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