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Heavy rains, heavy burden for St. Peter family


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Residents at Round’ the Town, Speightstown and Gills Terrace, St Peter, are in a panic every time the rain falls.

And that was their feeling after rain poured for hours causing the meteorological office to issue a flood warning for the northern and central districts until 6:00 p.m. today.

In fact, when a NATION team visited those areas this morning residents who preferred to remain anonymous said they were uneasy with the heavy rainfall they experienced in the from the wee hours of Sunday morning.

At Round the Town a resident who suffered immensely during Tropical Storm Harvey last year, said she woke up early to see if the heavy rains were impacting her home yesterday as well as today.

“I have to keep looking to see what is happening to put things high up. Imagine last year I was to leave the island, it’s a good thing I didn’t because when I came home I would have cried because I would not have prepared for anything like that. Look I can’t leave at all when the hurricane season comes. It’s not even that time yet and the rains are coming. No one hasn’t even done anything to help us as yet and we are approaching another hurricane season,” she said.

Since then she has been making some major changes to her home and is hoping to change the wooden living room area to wall, but may not be able to manage that ahead of this year’s hurricane season.

In Gills Terrace, a mother and son said they are at their wits end with the situation and although a number of people have come to the area to speak to them nothing has been done.

The elderly woman who has been a resident since 1971 said she slept there every night but she had no peace of mind.

“You can’t get any peace at all, this house is just to lay down. Look at this house”, she said.

She mentioned that for the house she occupies with her son and her grandchildren occasionally, they no longer purchase furniture since it is always destroyed during bad weather.

They have resorted to building some large overhead shelves to hold the majority of their belongings to protect them from water damage and solely put down their mattresses when going to bed at night.

Her son said people often came around especially since it was election time but he wouldn’t know where to put his X since it has been an ongoing problem and nothing has been done about it. (RG)















This family can no longer utilize the kitchen cupboards since they have been damaged during previous floods. (Photo by Ria Goodman)









At Gills Terrace, St Peter, this family has to keep their belonging on large shelves to protect them from water damage. (Photo by Ria Goodman)















This was the house that was pushed off its props at Round the Town, St. Peter during storm Harvey last year. The family had to move to another location. (Photo by Ria Goodman)


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