Eastmond: UPP will be back


The United Progressive Party (UPP) will not disappear after failing to win a single seat in yesterday’s General Election.

To loud applause during a televised speech from party headquarters in Strathclyde, St Michael, leader Lynette Eastmond said after taking a break, they would be back in the field engaging the people of Barbados.

UPP had 23 candidates in the election which was overwhelmingly won by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) 30-0.

Eastmond said Barbadians had a difficult choice to make and were not willing to take a chance on a new party, but the response showed there was room for more than the traditional two.

She raised the issue of proportional representation, saying the First Past The Post system needed to be relooked.

Eastmond also said she did not believe the BLP could “wave some magic wand and Barbados will immediately become different”.

“There has been a certain degree of neglect of the ordinary people of Barbados. We have not seen the progress and the development of the people we had seen in the past. That is something that needs to be addressed,” she added. (SAT)


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