Nurse barred


THE ONLY TIME Psychiatric Hospital staff nurse Jason Jamal Phillips should be venturing onto the Black Rock facility should be when he is attending his disciplinary hearings.

Other than that, District “A” Court Magistrate Douglas Frederick warned Phillips, who allegedly beat a patient, against going to his workplace until the conclusion of his case before the court.

Phillips, 32, of Madison Terrace, Deacons, St Michael, yesterday denied he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Alden King, the patient in a video that went viral on social media, on June 2.

Prosecutor Sergeant Rudy Pilgrim did not object to Phillips being released but this prompted questions from Magistrate Frederick.

“This was a matter that would have incensed the public and the public would be so incensed by this type of allegation that he might very well be in danger. Did you look at that? Did you look at the public interest in this matter? That the public might be so incensed that he could very well be in danger? That his protection might be necessary?” he asked the prosecutor.

“I looked at that and I also looked at the fact that he did not appear to be a flight risk,” Sergeant Pilgrim replied.

“I am not talking about a flight risk, I am talking about his safety in society. And not only that, but that he was in a position of trust and confidence being a trained person in trust and confidence of a patient, and the nature and seriousness of the offence,” the magistrate said.

Frederick continued that he had had people appear before him on “some simple allegations” and the prosecution would point to the nature and seriousness of the offence as it opposed the granting of bail.

“So what about the nature and seriousness of this offence, given the totality of the allegation?” he asked.

But Pilgrim countered that every offence was serious and, while he was not downplaying the charge, “this was a matter that was being done summarily”.

“But this is a serious matter. This is one that the public would be concerned about because it involves an allegation where he is said to have been in trust and confidence of the person whom he is alleged to have caused the allegation against,” Frederick said.

Pilgrim then revealed he had a briefing with his superior and there was no aspect in relation to bail.

“It concerns me because I am always hearing for matters that are less serious, I hear you say ‘the seriousness of the offence’ and ‘for his own protection’ and that sort of thing, but none of these submissions are raised here. But you have said you have consulted with your superior, so who am I to stand in your way,” the magistrate said as he prepared to release Phillips on $15 000 bail with a surety.

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