Men fire at each other as Westbury residents scamper


Gunshots continue to ring out across Barbados.

One incident on Monday broke the mid-morning quiet of Pickwick Gap, St Michael, as loud explosions pierced the air after two men were seen exchanging gunfire.

When residents began emerging from behind palings and off the floors of their living rooms, they were livid that two men would be so brazen as to fire shots in a neighbourhood filled with small children.

One resident, identified only as Natasha, said she was caught in the middle of the gunplay.

“I thought I would die. One was shooting going up and the other was shooting going down. I was coming through the 10th [Avenue] heading down to Westbury Road when everything break out. I had to bound in somebody house to get away,” she said. (RA)

Please read the full story in the Daily Nation, or in the eNATION edition.


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