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Visitors used ‘insulting words’


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He was a victim of a racial slur said the man at the centre of a viral tirade directed at a white visitor and which drew the ire of social media viewers.

The jet ski operator, who goes by the moniker “Twin Man” and was found by the Saturday Sun on the beach at Fitts Village, St James, responded to criticism of unleashing a flurry of obscene words and making crude sexual references in the video.

The man, who was liming with a group of friends, declined to give his legal name but offered his side of what happened before the recording started.

“We was in the yard here, chilling, doing what we doing. And quick so, a man call me and tell me he had a job for me. So I leave from home to go down there, but I didn’t want to do this job, ya know.

 “But I did the job, get the money, and I was ready to come back home and that’s when the woman start with she behaviour,” he stated.

As he was attempting to get off the jet ski, he asked a caucasian woman politely to move twice, the third time he swore at her and raised his voice and she moved.

“She was reading a book. She look at me and went back reading it. So I said again ‘young lady, I want to beach-land the jet ski right there’ and the woman look at me again and that’s when I said . . . ,” he said.

It was at that moment that “the big Scottish man” and his wife heard “Twin Man” swear and began “antagonising” him. 

 “The man approach and start to tell me all kinda things. The man said I was illiterate; ‘go off the beach, go sell drugs or something’. So I get vex and shout, ‘I does sell drugs’,” he said. 

“Twin Man” admitted to arming himself with rocks once he was approached by the tourist who backed off but used his phone to record.

In the video, “Twin Man” can be seen bringing up slavery, insulting the couple, making suggestions about who had the bigger private parts, but he had no regrets about it.

Barbadians on social media have been split about who was in the right.

But others on the beach referred to “Twin Man” as “peaceful”, saying he would have had to have been troubled to react that way.

Minister of Tourism Kerrie Symmonds described the incident as unsettling. (TG)


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